tenderlovin pdx

I spend way too much time staring at an empty screen without knowing how to jot my thoughts down. So many thoughts and emotions just disappearing into thin air.

Writing is not one of my favorite hobbies and typing, I haaate typing. But I'm going to give this a go because damn it, I have a story to tell and don't we all?

My current story consists of finding the tricky rhythm of balance and trying to keep it. I'm learning this shit as I go. I'm learning to see the beauty in these crazy late nights, these lonely nights...these nights that feel like I'm not moving things fast enough no matter how fast I go. Finding the balance between pushing myself and being way too hard on myself. If anyone is reading this, I'm sure you've felt the same way.

This is a one-woman show and I am so proud to say that. It is the craziest, scariest and most rewarding thing I've ever done in my life and I hope my attempts at writing gives some honest insight into what this journey is like for me. I'm hoping you'll come along for the ride. :)

xo, btp